Marin (宮澤茉凛) is a Japanese musician. She is one of the guitarists in the pop-rock band LoVendoЯ. She's known for her bouncing breast when she just stands there on stage.

Marin Miyazawa


Position Guitarist
Born April 10,1993

(age 20)

Also known as Marin
Years active 2012-
Blog None

Well there isn't nothing really written here about Marin Miyazawa, perhaps I should give her a background story because she doesn't have one.

She grew up in Japan or most likely an Asian culture if not Japan. She was a hooker at age 10 and farted on 12 Japanese guys. by age 17 she gave birth to a toe on stage at a concert. Now at age 20 (isn't she at least 23 years old now?) she stands at 6'0 and her breast moves all the time while standing there.

Her manager is Zach, who moved to Japan to get Asians to accept him as their manager. He has sex too with the females. PEARL LOVES IT!


  • Name: Miyazawa Marin (宮澤茉凛)
  • Nickname: Marin (まりん)
  • Birthdate: April 10, 1993 (age 20)
  • Birthplace: Miyagi, Japan
  • Bloodtype: A
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