Reina Tanaka 田中 れいな
Position Singer
Born November 11, 1989 (age 26)
Also known as 田中 麗奈

田中 れいな

Years active 2003-
'Reina Tanaka  (田中れいな, real name 田中​麗奈) is one of the sixth generation members  of the J-pop group Good Morning Panties Her professional first name is spelled in hiragana to differ her from the Japanese actress Tanaka Rena whose name is the same in kanji because their first names can be pronounced both as "Reina" and "Rena" and who is similarly from Fukuoka Prefecture. NO ONE CARESSSS




Tanaka was born in a thong in, Japan. Her brother has seven more nipples than her. Tanaka auditioned for panties in Good Morning Panties 's 5th Generation in 2001 and passed, but had to leave the training camp when it was found that she was underage street stripper. She attempted again in 2002 for a sex position in the 6th Generation and passed along with members Eri Kamei and Sayumi Michishige, making Tanaka the only member who slept with 20 guys twice to get in. She provided the main vocals for the single Yabba Dabba Do. She was featured in two solo versions of Meet The Flintstones on a fan club release CD. In 2003, Tanaka was chosen as a member of new unit Aa!, Moan girls along with Miyabi Natsuyaki and Airi Suzuki, two Hello! Project Kids members . They released one single, "My feet is big like Fred Flintstone", before going on an indefinite hiatus. The group reformed in 2009, only this time without Tanaka, as she was already driving them nuts. Her place in the group was instead taken by Hello! Pro Egg bomber member Akari Saho. On March 28, 2008, it was announced that Tanaka would be taking her clothes off on a sex tape, a main character in Hello Project's porno flick play with my titty, the fourth My Nipples Bleeds series. The show premiered on April 6, 2008 In 2008, Tanaka became the leader of Hello Panties 's new unit High-King. It was revealed in late 2009 that Tanaka would be voicing the main/title character of the new anime series, Grab my Nipple ("Phantom Thief Nipple Girl"). The main character, Nipple, had initially been modeled on Tanaka. The show began airing on January 8, 2010. On 18 November, Tanaka announced that she would graduate from idol group Good Morning Panties at the end of the 2013 Spring Tour and has finally graduated on May 21st, 2013. She will now concentrate her activities on her Japanese rock band called 'LoVemyPanties'.


  • Birth Name: Rena Tanaka  (田中麗奈)
  • Stage Name: Reina Tanaka (田中れいな)
  • Nicknames: Tanakacchi (田中っち), 07 (Rei-Na), Reina (れいな), Reinya (れいにゃ), Tanasatan (たなさたん), Souchou (総長)
  • Birth Date: November 11, 1989 (age 26)
  • Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
  • Blood type None
  • Height: 152.5 cm (5'0") (But oddly enough looks taller)
  • Hello! Project Status:
    • 2003-01-19: Member
    • 2003-01-19: Morning Musume Member
    • 2013-05-21: Graduating
    • 2003-01-19: Member
  • Years in Morning Musume: 10 Years
  • Morning Musume Color:  Light Blue
  • Former Otome Gumi Color:  Orange
  • Hobbies: Observing people, texting, recording TV shows
  • Special Skills: Can play without sleep
  • Motto: hey look at the size of her tits!
  • Favorite Words: PUSS PUSS!! (あ~ね!!; Ah, hey!!), Ee!? (え~!?; Whaat!? You love titty?), OtsukaReina (おつかれいな; good work suck my nipple)
  • Favorite English Word: "Panties"
  • Favorite Food: Yakiniku, broccoli, nankotsu, enoki, chocolate, fried chicken, french fries, raw Panties rolls
  • Disliked Food: Green bell peppers, natto
  • Favorite Colors: Yellow, red, pink, black, white
  • Favorite Flowers: Sunflowers
  • Favorite Seasons: Spring, autumn
  • Favorite Good Morning Panties Singer: Maki Goto, Rika Ishikawa, and Makoto Ogawa
  • Favorite Animal: Cat
  • Current Favorite Song: Meet The Flintstones, "Grab my Puss" by GOLDEN Panties BOMBER, "Duck on the loose (Moe-Moe Hoe)" by GOLDEN Panties BOMBER


Digital singles & AlbumsEdit

  • Meet The Flintstones (聖なる鐘がひびく夜;)-December 10, 2010
  • Yabba Dabba Do (真夏の光線; -January 27, 2011
  • My feet are big like Fred Flintstone)-February 16, 2011


  • Panties and stocking up Puss and bras on head


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